Translator Nikolaj Johansen

Professional translation

My name is Nikolaj Johansen, I am a freelance English-Danish translator, editor and proofreader with a wide range of experience in literary translation, game localization as well as web and marketing content.

To the left you can view a couple of the international bestselling books I have translated to Danish. They include the stories behind the hit movies Hidden Figures and The Leisure Seeker, Daniel Silva's spy novels, Hugh Howey's dystopian science fiction series Wool and the behind-the-scenes books about the Warner Brothers movie Fantastic Beast and Where to Find Them.

Translating any text is not just a matter of substituting the right words, but of finding the meaning, style and flow of the source text and recreating this in the target language. I take pride in delivering accurate, error free and readable translations that seem like they could have been written in Danish originally.


I am a fulltime freelancer and always on the lookout for new jobs. So if you need an experienced translator with a passion for the Danish language, please contact me.